Our vocation places us in intense working environments that grant us power and status, tempting us to use these gifts for our own control, gratification, fame, and ego—often at the expense or exclusion of others. Our inherited patterns of historical injustice have not afforded equitable shares of power or status to women, people of color, and many others within our vocational reach.

Instead of accumulating power to benefit ourselves or exploit others, we use it to generate possibility for those who have less access to opportunity.


As a baseline, we commit to the practice of gleaning — frequently sacrificing opportunities for our own advancement to intentionally create pathways for others. We also practice chastity and fidelity, honoring the men and women with whom we work and avoiding the exploitation of our power to attain unearned intimacy.


As reach practices, many of us aspire to:

1. Actively recruit, develop, and be mentored by women, people of color, and others who have been excluded by histories of systemic prejudice.

2. Implement systems of relentless accountability and transparency for our conduct and relationships, in proportion to our personal influence and celebrity.

3. Devote a significant amount of our charitable giving and investing to ventures led by women and members of historically excluded communities.


We seek creative approaches to using organizations and institutions to restructure access to opportunity and capital among communities where these have been restricted, through long-term partnerships and networks that rebuild empathy and equity.


We hope for abundance as God’s image bearers — male and female, from all ethnicities and backgrounds — collaborate in all our diversity to a blessed alliance that brings the full range of human gifts to our work.