Our vocation places us in positions where we are expected and empowered to make major decisions that affect many people.

Instead of willful autonomy in decision making, we practice active dependence on God.


As a baseline, we commit to daily prayer, and at times of major decisions, making every effort not to proceed until we have actively submitted our own desires about the decision fully to the will of God.


As reach practices, many of us aspire to:

1. Fasting (abstaining from food, with modifications as appropriate given individual physical limitations, for at least one mealtime) as a regular discipline, and especially at times when we need discernment and guidance.

2. An ongoing relationship with a spiritual director or pastor who helps us consistently discern how God is working in our life.


We seek creative approaches to removing obstacles to God’s will in our life, such as extended times of solitude that could expose the counterfeit gods in our life, and developing forms of examen specifically designed to assist us in saying yes and no to apparent opportunities.


We hope for abundance thanks to the supernatural provision that comes from obeying God rather than merely human insight, and peace and contentment at times of both apparent success and apparent failure.